UCL: Juventus

It is undeniable that Juventus has had a very successful transfer last summer.  With quality rookies and bright veterans already available, Old Lady was considered a bright candidate for the championship in every arena they attended.  However, the reality is not completely so.  Juventus this season is no longer invincible in Serie A. They are only behind Inter Milan with a gap of 2 points.

In the Champions League arena, Juventus was held 2-2 by Atletico Madrid in the opening match despite leading two goals.  Obviously, Juventus under Sarri has not had a dramatic change in the positive direction.  This team is using more of the stars to win than collective performances that are enough to overwhelm the opponent.  However, the series of 3 consecutive victories showed a clear flourish of the striped shirt team.  Above all, this is the time when the stars of Juventus are still in very sublime form.  Therefore, they are still completely confident when receiving Leverkusen in the match tonight.

Playing extremely well in the Bundesliga with 6th place in the rankings after 6 rounds, but in Europe, Leverkusen did not show much.  In the opening match, teachers and teachers Peter Bosz received a face-to-face defeat 1-2 when receiving the much underestimated guests, Lokomotiv Moscow.  With a faded face on the continental playground, worse than Juventus in terms of squad quality, plus having to play away from home, it will be difficult for Leverkusen to make a surprise in the confrontation with the Serie A representative.  A.

Playing at home with a team of experienced players made Juventus highly appreciated in this football match.  With a 1.5 goal left, Juventus need to win with at least 2 goals to be able to overcome the odds successfully.  With Leverkusen, they are not a safe investment point after losing the last 3/5 matches.  Thus, in this market, choosing Juventus is still safer.  Leverkusen has a good attack quality, as shown by the shooting in the last 9/10 marches away from home with a total of 26 goals.  Meanwhile, the quality of the Juventus attack is indisputable.  Therefore, predict this will be a match with many goals and the door is brighter for players to choose. 

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