UCL: Real Madrid

After a bad season, Real Madrid has invested heavily in the transfer market last summer by bringing to the Bernabeu field many blockbuster contracts, the most typical of which is Eden Hazard.  With quality additions, Real Madrid are expected to regain glory this season.  In La Liga, Real Madrid is still the only team not to lose.  However, their performances were not so impressive.

In the Champions League, Real Madrid lost 0-3 to PSG on the day of their debut.  This made Madridista disappointed too much because it was a match where PSG lacked too many pillars, they did not have the service of both Kylian Mbappe, Edinson Cavani and Neymar.  White vultures need to regain confidence in the fans by winning in the second round at the Bernabeu home ground.  This goal Real can completely achieve because they only have to welcome the tiny club Club Brugge.

Club Brugge is still claiming to be at the Belgian national championship, but in the continental arena they are just a small name.  Recently, Club Brugge just drew against Galatasaray in the opening match of the group stage.  The performance of this team is also very good with a series of 9 unbeaten matches in the most prestigious arena in Europe (including the preliminary round).  However, the ability to win Club Brugge in the match tonight is not appreciated because their opponent is too big.  In the past, Club Brugge has never encountered Real Madrid, but looking at the force, class and quality of play, the visitors are hard to match with the host.

Real Madrid will not have the best physical and squad in the match against Club Brugge.  They have just experienced a great battle with Atletico Madrid and it is hard to expect Vultures to have a jubilant victory over Club Brugge.  Moreover, Club Brugge is difficult to win against Real but that does not mean that they will let the Spanish representative want to do what they do in this first meeting.  With a stable performance, Club Brugge predicts that it will cause many difficulties for the Bernabeu team. 

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