UEL: Celtic vs LAZ

In Group E, with Cluj vs Rennes not appreciated, Lazio vs Celtic will be the two teams directly facing each other to compete for the top of the table.  Therefore, the confrontation between them in this round is considered as a 6-point match that will greatly affect the situation of the group.

Celtic are playing sublimated in the domestic league.  They recently defeated Ross County 6-0 to rise to the top of the table with 22 points after 9 rounds.  Meanwhile in the Europa League, this team is also maintaining a stable performance and temporarily leading the rankings with 4 points after 2 matches.  Overall Celtic are doing well every time they play and win up to 7 games, draw 2 and lose 1 game in the past 10 matches.

It can be seen that Celtic under the guidance of coach Neil Lennon is a cohesive and very disciplined team, especially the impressive attack when playing the opponent's net up to 16 times in the last 4 home games.  Therefore, Celtic is completely confident when receiving Lazio at home, especially when the away team is in a bad shape.

Lazio, after losing to Cluj in the opening match, had a victory over Rennes, which got 3 points and ranked 3rd in Group E, 1 point behind Celtic.  In the domestic arena, teachers and coach Simone Inzaghi drew the last 2 matches in the framework of this tournament, thereby falling to 7th place with 12 points after 8 rounds, 4 to 4 points away.  Thus, Lazio does not have good results in any arena and this has little effect on the psychology of the players. 

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