ACM vs Napoli

Unlike the sublimation of the neighbor football team Inter Milan, AC Milan has on itself a frail, silver face.  Although before the season, AC Milan and Napoli were expected a lot to compete for the Scudetto title, but so far what the two teams have done is sow frustration on the home fans.  In the upcoming match, AC Milan will welcome Napoli at San Siro.  Whether the black striped team can win the victory to regain the confidence of the fans or will Napoli cut the crisis circuit to regain its inherent position on the Serie A.

After a hard 1-0 victory over the Spal players, even though the victory was not much, it still brought a lot of confidence to the Milan team.  The thought, that victory was a stepping stone to push AC Milan to rekindle the hope of reaching the top 4. However, two consecutive losses after that accidentally pushed the army of coach Stefano Pioli to the position.  lower half of the chart.  That feeble performance is also partly due to the fact that AC Milan's attack is lacking in sharpness when it has only 11 goals in 13 matches.  The Suso or Piatek, although expected a lot with their high-scoring ability earlier, are also silent.  Moreover, the home of San Siro does not help them play more optimistically, particularly in their last 5 matches, the Rossoneri have lost 3 matches while they could only win for themselves.  Obviously, AC Milan is gradually losing the identity and position of the team both domestically and on the continent.

Napoli is also gradually losing the bravery of a big man by constantly losing points in recent matches.  Although earlier in the European arena, Napoli also unexpectedly subdued the defending champion Liverpool with a score of 2-0.  However, the deviations in the next matches in Group E made Ancelotti's teachers and students lose their advantage and fell head to Liverpool.  However, Napoli owns quite a strong attack with the mobility of the Belgian-Merten midfielder or the sniffing of the sharp goal of 25-year-old striker Milik.  However, along with 21 goals from the attack, the defense of Napoli was conceded to 16 goals even though they owned the excellent center-back pair that many big clubs sought were Koulibaly and Manolas.  Despite not being in good form, but before a AC Milan in crisis, 3 points is entirely feasible for teachers and Ancelotti.  
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