Returning to the Premier League after a period of diving in the lower division, the goal of Aston Villa is no different than staying with this prestigious tournament.  The first time they played well, but recently it suddenly stopped.  They have lost all three rounds, but if you know that the opponents Aston Villa have to face are strong teams like Manchester City, Liverpool and Wolverhampton, this result is not surprising.  Currently after 12 rounds, Aston Villa has 11 points and is ranked 17th, close to the group holding the red light with a distance of only 1 point.

That is why Aston Villa is thirsty at this point.  They need to create a safe enough distance to not fall into dangerous areas.  In this round, they will have to welcome Newcastle at home.  Aston Villa are doing quite well at home when they have been unbeaten in all past 5 visits, including 2 wins and 3 draws.  However, facing Newcastle is not easy for Aston Villa at this time.

Newcastle started off very poorly this season, but then they played quite well in recent rounds.  In the last 3 rounds they have won 7 points, thereby successfully escaping from the dangerous area.  Newcastle is currently 14th with 15 points.  However, they are only 1 point below the top 10.  That is the motivation for the visitors determined to win points in the next matches to rise to higher rankings.

Although having to march far away from home, but in this trip, Newcastle is more appreciated for the ability to win.  Newcastle's performance is relatively good with 3 consecutive unbeaten rounds.  Their play at this time is nothing special but compared to Aston Villa, Newcastle has more advantages.  Not only marginally better than the homeowners in terms of experience but Newcastle also overwhelmed the confrontation record.  In the past they have never lost to Aston Villa, in the last 6 meetings they won 2 and drew 4. Therefore, it can be expected that Newcastle will reach the goal of 3 points in the coming trip.

Both teams are very thirsty and are not too afraid of each other, this makes the game completely open.  Newcastle's attack is quite impressive, while Aston Villa as the host will also have a certain initiative.  Therefore, players can boldly put their faith in the door of the match tonight.  

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