BARCA vs Celta

The early days of November did not go well with Barcelona.  They lost to Levante last weekend, then continued to cause disappointment when Prague held 0 goals at home.  People began to doubt the true ability of coach Valverde because despite having many good hands, the team's play was not optimal and satisfied the viewers.  Barcelona gives people the feeling that if Messi is uplifted, then Barcelona performs well and vice versa.  Barcelona does not have the cohesion and their identity has gradually disappeared.

Currently, the defending champion is leading the rankings, but they have equal points with the team ranked second is Real Madrid and the team ranked third Real Sociedad.  Even compared to the two teams ranked fourth and fifth, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, Barca is just one point better.  There is no guarantee that they will achieve their championship goals if they continue their current state.  In this round, the opportunity presents before the eyes of Valverde teachers and students when they only have to receive Celta Vigo at home.  This is considered an opportunity to hold the chair for the Spanish teacher, if not winning the possibility of dismissal is very high.

Celta Vigo is in the dangerous group with 2 points worse than the safety group.  It was enough to imagine how badly they had played in the first 12 rounds.  Particularly for the last 4 rounds, this team has lost all 4, after having a minimum victory against Athletic Club in early October. Away from home, they have lost all 3 times last march, before that was 2 games  tie.  So, 5 times away from home, this team is not known to win.  It will be disastrous when such a struggling team has to march to the yard of the giant Barca.

Although Barca are stuck in their own problems, they are still a scary name for any team.  The power of the Catalan giant will be even more terrible when played on the Nou Camp.  Prior to a few days ago by Slavia Praha, Barca had 8 consecutive welcoming guests to win, even a lot of strong victories to 5-1, 4-0 or 5-2.  There is too much motivation for Barca to be forced to do well in this match.  And the victory is in their hands because Celta Vigo is really very weak.  The 2/2 2.5 goal handicap shows that the professional's trust is completely in the homeowner and that Messi and his teammates will not disappoint fans.
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