Barcelona vs Červenobílí

Leading the La Liga rankings is not the only thing that Barca has done so far.  In the European arena, the Spanish representative is also leading the Group F, the group is considered the death table when there are the names of Inter Milan or Dortmund.  After 3 matches, Barcelona is at the top of the table with 7 points, 3 points more than Inter Milan and Dortmund.  Even so, there is still no guarantee of the capacity of the teachers and coaches of Valverde.

A few days ago, Barca's seven-match winning streak was cut off by Levante.  This defeat caused many disappointments for the fans, especially when Barca came out with the strongest squad in this match.  But remember very few visiting teams that can win points, even just 1 point.  In the 6 times he returned to play in his holy place since the beginning of the season, Messi and his teammates have steadily won.  With this huge advantage, Barcelona is completely confident enough to beat the team that is underestimated in the group like Slavia Praha.

On the other side, Slavia Praha is quite unlucky to fall into the league table, the remaining 3 names are the big men of world football.  Therefore, Prague is only considered as the team lining the Group F, it is not surprising that they are at the bottom of the table with only 1 point won after 3 rounds.  The ability to go forward of Prague is almost impossible.  In the first round, Prague was able to hold Inter Milan to get 1 point, but in the next 2 rounds, they could not do anything impressive.  And predicting the trip to Barca's field here is also very difficult for Prague to overcome.

On the trip to the European Cup this year, Barca have been unbeaten in all 3 matches with 2 victories and 1 draw.  In particular, 2 of them have to play away.  Therefore, once you are playing at home, only have to welcome the weakest opponent in the table, the victory is entirely in the hands of the host.  In the first leg, the Barcelona players won with a score of 2-1 on the pitch of Slavia Praha.  Predicting in this rematch, Barca will have a more impressive victory and thereby overcome the rafters to bring joy. 
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