Brazil vs ARG

Since winning the Copa America 2019 championship, Brazil have had 4 friendly matches, but they haven't won yet, instead receiving 1 loss and 3 draws.  This is understandable because currently Tite coach is having a lot of testing on the team to bring more options in next year's tournaments.  In the past matches, Brazil have only encountered under-team teams such as Nigeria, Senegal, Peru, Colombia, and they show the subjectivity, the players almost play under their strength.  But when faced with a fierce opponent like Argentina, perhaps the fighting spirit of the yellow shirt players will rise to win an honorable victory.

On the other side, after losing to Brazil in the Copa America semi-final 2019, Argentina won 2-1 against Chile in the third match.  After that, Scaloni's army continued to do well in a series of friendly matches with 2 wins and 2 draws.  Worth mentioning, in these matches they all went without Captain Leo Messi.  In recent friendlies, the team from Tango country also introduced promising new names after the age of Lionel Messi and the generation of the team has performed quite well with impressive performances.

Although only a friendly match, but with their pride, both teams will play extremely determined against their opponents.  A favorable result will help them get the best mentality in their upcoming matches, while confirming their class and position.  In the past 10 encounters, Brazil is the team with the best record when winning 6, drawing 1 and only losing to Argentina 3 games.  However, at this time, Argentina gives people a little more peace of mind.

The first is that their performance last time is better than the series of only draw and lose of Brazil.  This is even more special when in these matches, Argentina encounters quite a lot of tough opponents but their performance is very impressive.  Second, Messi will return after 3 months suspended and ready to shine with his teammates to win against the great rival Brazil.  It can be seen that Argentina seems to have changed from the defeat to the yellow-yellow team in Copa America, so it is completely reasonable to expect a good result for the bull team in the match.  Bridge tonight.  

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