Brentford vs Huddersfield

After the first round of continuous stumbling, Brentford is gradually finding himself with a very impressive 3-match circuit. Championship went through 14 rounds, coach Thomas Frank's army brought a total of 6 wins, 3 draws and lost in 5 matches. Good performance in the past few rounds helped them to reach 12th place in the rankings but only 1 top less than 1 victory. Coming back to home field, Brentford will surely make good use of this opportunity to improve his rankings.

On the other side of the battle line, precarious form made Huddersfield sink to 20th place in the Championship with only 13 points. Currently they are only 1 point away from the dangerous group. Specifically, after 14 rounds, Huddersfield got 3 wins, drew 4 and lost in 7 matches. Their chances to rise up became more difficult when the next round they had to face the excited team Brentford. Most likely, teachers and coach Danny Cowley will have to leave Griffin Park empty handed.

Before the start of the season, many people believed that this would be a successful season for Huddersfield and they were also the leading candidates for the promotion ticket. However, seeing what they have shown last time has not caused the loyal fans to be disappointed. Although dominant in the past confrontation, but in this re-debut, teachers and coach Danny Cowley hardly get a good result. With the current performance, a defeat is something that the guests are hard to avoid.

In fact, the attack of Huddersfield is not bad when still scoring 16 goals in the last 14 rounds. However, the defensive play like dreaming is the reason why they do not get good results. Do not be in front of a team with an attacking play like Brentford, which is expected to be a difficult game for goalkeeper F. Lossl. It is likely that the match will have many goals and the talent will be the ideal investment.
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