Bristol vs NFFC

Bristol and Nottingham are both quite successful in this season, but they have not shown the necessary stability of a candidate for a long way. Therefore, in this direct confrontation, Bristol and Nottingham are determined to win to consolidate their position on the rankings. Because a defeat is likely to knock them out of the top 6 teams at the present time.

After the first period of the quite unstable season, the Lee Johnson army experienced an impressive series of unbeaten 4 matches and lost only 1 match in the last 5 rounds. After 16 matches this season, Bristol won 7, draw 7 and draw 2. With that achievement, The Robins are 6th in the First Division in England with 28 points. Obviously if Bristol City maintain this form until the end of the season, they will have the opportunity to promote to the most prestigious playground in the next season. Bristol's attack has now scored a total of 25 goals while their defense has also received 21 goals. Before the reception of Nottingham, Bristol had a sweet 1-0 victory right on the pitch of Cardiff City, which is definitely the better spiritual lever for them to conquer the next 3 points.

Nottingham also just came back from 2 consecutive losses with its last 2 wins. The timely rise will certainly help them have a fair match with host Bristol in the upcoming match. By now, the army of coach Sabri Lamouchi has 28 points and is ranked 5th in the rankings, ranking right on Bristol thanks to the difference in goal difference. In the last 10 matches played by the two teams, Bristol has only won 2 victories and Nottingham has 6 times the triumph song. However, it was time Nottingham proved superior in strength, but now with home advantage, Bristol is clearly the dominant player.  
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