Bundesliga: Bayern Munchen, 23 Nov

After a humiliating defeat 1-5 on the pitch of Eintracht Frankfurt, the result that coach Kovac had to leave his chair in a bowing position, Bayern Munich came back stronger than ever when crushing rivals Dortmund 4-0 in the holy place.  Allianz Arena.  Tam forgot the previous disappointing results, "Gray Lobster" needs to return as quickly as possible so that he does not have to hold a grudge in the race to protect the throne.  In this context, facing a weak Dusseldorf is clearly not a difficult problem for Bayern Munich to solve.

Dusseldorf has not shown his stability in this season, even the relegation battle is closer to this team than ever when currently only two teams with red lights with only 2 points.  Specifically, after 11 matches they won only 3 draws 2 and lost to 6, winning 11 points and ranked 13th in the rankings.  In addition, the last 3 matches hosted Bayern Munich in official matches, Dusseldorf lost 2, received 9 goals and scored just 1 goal.  Last season, when receiving Bayern Munich at home, Dusseldorf took the defeat with a score of 1-4.  The only belief of Dusseldorf fans is the fulcrum of Dusseldorf home ground, where they have won all three recent rounds.  However, it is not possible to close the level gap between the two teams, and if no earthquake occurs, a victory is not a problem for Bayern Munich at this time.

It seems that after the departure of coach Kovac, everything at Bayern Munich is gradually getting better.  The clearest evidence is 2 consecutive victories against Olympiacos (2-0) and especially Dortmund (4-0).  The praiseworthy point is the defense, their weaknesses in the previous period have become more solid when not conceding both important matches.  Of course those are matches played at home, and away is the big problem of Bayern Munich at this time.  Therefore, the confrontation on the field of Dusseldorf will be a demonstration of the return of "Gray Lobster".  Because of that, Bayern Munich has never lost in the past against Dusseldorf, even the away team won 5, drew 1 against Dusseldorf.  Despite facing a disadvantage in the field today, but obviously the ability to win all 3 points of "Gray Lobster" is very large.

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