After 13 rounds of the Premier League, what Burnley has shown so far is actually exceeding the expectations of their fans. In the next round, Burnley will have a difficult match for their home team whether they can extend their victory to 3 or Crystal Palace will end the gloomy day of Selhurst Park. recent rounds.

After the last 2 wins, Burnley is rising to 7th place in the rankings and is only 1 point lower than Wolverhampton Wanderers' Europa League position. The explanation for that impressive achievement can indicate the excellence of the duo Ashley Barnes and Christ Wood when each contributed 6 goals. Recently in the trip to Watford, Burnley players showed a convincing defensive counterattack, so they won an overwhelming 3-0 victory when the referee's final whistle sounded. . Burley's strength is the defense because this season they have conceded only 12 goals and this achievement is behind Liverpool and Leicester.

Crystal Palace is facing a true crisis when the last 5 matches this team has not known victory and has had to 4 defeats. Perhaps the day coach Roy Hodgson left Selhurst Park is not far away if they can not improve their performance. The round before facing 1 Liverpool is not difficult to understand when this team can not make a surprise at all. However, this is not a bad match for Crystal Palace because they launched 16 shots more than Liverpool with only 12, but all were missed by the Palace players in a regrettable way. Indeed, the attack of Burnley is causing their fans to be disappointed with only 11 goals and the 2nd worst tournament.  

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