Cardiff vs Birmingham City

After 4 consecutive rounds without knowing the victory, Cardiff was pushed down the second half of the table. It seems that representatives from the Premier League have not found a feeling at this year's Championship. Among the 3 relegated teams, only Fulham is well performing the goal of returning to the most prestigious arena in the misty country. As for Cardiff, they have only won 4 games, drawn 6 and lost 4. With only 18 points in hand, Neil Warnock's army is ranked 14th.

On the other side of the battle line, Birmingham is a little better than the opponent. Specifically, the Championship went through 14 rounds and they got 7 wins, 1 draw and lost in 6 matches. This good record puts them 3 places ahead of Cardiff with 22 points in their pockets. Notably, the previous marches to Cardiff City Stadium, Birmingham had never achieved satisfactory results. According to experts, the upcoming trip of teachers and coach Pep Clotet will meet many turbulent. At the same time, with the current level and style, it is difficult for the guests to create surprises and change history.

Statistics of the last 7 encounters, Cardiff and Birmingham are in balance. Specifically, each team has won 1 victory and no defeat in 5 matches. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the past and present qualifications of the two teams in the past or the present are not much different. Because of that, the upcoming reunion promises to take place in an exciting battle. The home ground is a solid fulcrum for Neil Warnock's teachers and students to hope for a good result. 

Both Cardiff and Birmingham are not the attacking public-owned teams that really exploded in this year's tournament. Evidence is that, through 14 rounds but the host has only scored 19 goals and conceded 20 goals and the guests scored 14 goals, into the net to pick up the ball 16 times. Despite better performance at the present, but certainly teachers and coach Pep Clotet will not risk actively pushing the team to avoid the excitement of the host. Most likely this will be a scarce match. Not to mention, 7 times in the past, the two teams closed with a total of goals below 2. Therefore, the fainting door in the next 90 minutes of the two teams becomes brighter than ever.
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