Chelsea vs The Lancers

Chelsea and Ajax are both in the race in Group H when they have the same 6 points after 3 rounds.  Below them are Valencia and Lille, with a score of 4 and 1 respectively. This table is extremely unpredictable.  In the fourth match, while Valencia only had to meet the bottom team Lille, Chelsea and Ajax had to face each other.  Therefore, they understand that the team that loses in this match will face the risk of falling to 3rd place and the door to continue will be narrower. 

Chelsea are in good shape recently.  The London team won 4 victories and lost only 1 match in the last 5 appearances.  In the Premier League, Chelsea competed steadily with 5 consecutive victories, thereby obtaining the No. 4 position in the rankings.  The stability in the domestic league gives Chelsea the highest concentration for the European arena this week.  A big advantage for the Blues is that they are playing at home, where they have won 3/4 of the last pick.

On the other side, Ajax's only defeat in the last 5 appearances in all competitions was the defeat against Chelsea in the first leg.  The remaining 5 Ajax matches are all won.  Still leading the table in the domestic league with a distance of 6 points far behind the team behind, Ajax shows that they still do well in the league.  But in the European arena, their pressure on the upcoming trip is not small.  With the young stars who defeated both Real Madrid and Juve on the opponent's field last season, Ajax is quite expected in this trip.

If Chelsea were the defending champion of the Europa League last season, Ajax is the proud brother of the Champions League 2019/2020.  Both teams own one of Europe's top young talent squad.  Ajax is still a formidable opponent for any team but the loss of important pillars in the past summer has also affected their strength.  However, with home advantage, Chelsea is the team that is more appreciated for the ability to win.  Chelsea was never afraid of attacking teams like Barcelona or Ajax.  In the first leg, although they had to play away, they still won against this tough opponent.  Therefore, it is recommended that players should put their faith in Chelsea in the coming match. 
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