After 11 rounds, PSG got 27 points, occupying the top of the Ligue 1 table. Meanwhile, Dijon is at the bottom of the table with only 9 points.  A match between the top and the bottom is literally when Dijon will welcome PSG at home in the 12th round. Having to face the strongest team in the tournament is clearly a challenge for the host and not too difficult.  to predict the outcome of Dijon after the next 90 minutes of storms.

Not only monopolizing the top spot, PSG also left the team in second place with a gap of 8 points.  The rich French man is still showing his terrifying power.  Their winning streak has been extended to 6 games in a row after the destruction of Marseille 4-0 at the Prince's Park Stadium last weekend.  Even spread out in all arenas, the visitors lost only 1 match against Reims in the 10 most competitive appearances.

More specifically, PSG is also the team that owns the best away record in Ligue 1 so far.  It can be seen that the return of the pillars such as Mbappe, Icardi or Di Maria has given PSG the superior strength to overcome obstacles.  PSG's playing power is extremely terrible at the present time and a weak Dijon can hardly do anything positive in front of PSG stars.

Dijon is just a fairly average club in France.  With a frail face and faint play, Dijon only has 2 wins after 11 rounds.  In the last 5 matches in Ligue 1, Dijon won 2, drew 2 and lost 1. Although this match is played at the home, it is not too big advantage because Dijon is the team with the worst home record in the tournament.  This year, we have had 1 win, 2 draws and 2 defeats in the last 5 times. 

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