Euro 2020: Belgium πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ

Located in the group table with the presence of names like San Marino, Kazakhstan or Scotland and Cyprus, it is not too surprising when Belgium and Russia are showing their superiority.  These two teams dominate Group I with a clear distance from the other teams.  Specifically, Belgium is leading with 24 points, Russia is right behind with 21 points, the distance of the two teams compared to the third team Cyprus is 14 and 11 points respectively.  Thus, the situation of Table I is completely clear.  Now it will only be a battle between Russia and Belgium to compete for the top spot only.

Belgium is having a dream journey in the Euro 2020 qualifier. They won all 8 matches to get 24 absolute points and soon owned the ticket to the finals next year.  Not only that, Belgium also scored up to 30 goals in these 8 matches, a terrible number.  The demolition of the Red Devils makes any team wary.  In particular, all 4 times had to march away from home in Euro 2020 qualifiers, Belgium won and kept clean sheets, and scored up to 12 goals.

On the other side, Russia is no less competitive when winning 7 matches out of 8 matches played and losing only 1 game to Belgium.  In a very convincing manner, Russia has become the owner of the second ticket to the Euro 2020 finals. Looking at the past performances of Russia can see that it is time for the bears to taste.  back the sweet taste of success after years of not being able to achieve truly impressive results.  Happily, the players who brought Russia to the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2019 are becoming more and more mature.  Their strength is shown in both the certainty of the defense and the effectiveness of the attack.

The battle between Russia and Belgium is expected to be extremely intense 90 minutes.  In Group I, besides Belgium, there is no name that can make it difficult for Russian Bears, the only defeat Russia has on the qualifying stage is against Belgium.  Therefore, Russia will surely want to do well at the reception here to reclaim this debt with Belgium.  Certainly Russia will not be easy to overwhelm the guests, but it cannot be denied that Belgium is too strong.  With their class, the other team is rated higher than the Russian team in this match through the handicap of handicap of 0.5 left.  The home ground will be a fulcrum for Russia, where they have won all the last 5 visits, have not conceded at any time and also scored up to 17 goals.  

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