Euro 2020: England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

The 7-0 victory over Montenegro in the 7th round helped England to officially win tickets to the Euro 2020 finals. Three Lions lead Group A with 18 points after 7 rounds, creating a gap of 3 points compared to  with Czech Republic in 2nd place. Not only unbeaten in all 7 rounds, England also scored 33 goals and conceded a mere 6 times.  On his journey, in addition to the shameful defeat on the pitch of the Czech Republic, the remaining matches of England were extremely impressive.  In particular, the two stages of destruction of Bulgaria and Montenegrovi are respectively 6-0 and 7-0.

In terms of form, in addition to winning in the penultimate match, the Three Lions won in the last three-quarters of the qualifying round.  Hardly any name against England at this time.  After officially winning tickets to continue, the ability of coach Gareth Southgate will give young strikers and substitutes the opportunity to play.  But with the depth of the squad, even if not with the strongest squad, the Three Lions can still beat Kosovo gently. 

Joining Montenegro, Kosovo, Czech Republic and Bulgaria in Group A, England is considered the brightest name for the first place and the ticket to go to the next round.  And in fact, the current situation of Group A also clearly shows the superiority of the Three Lions over the rest.  Currently, the army of Southgate coach is leading with 15 points after 6 rounds with a distance of 3 points compared to the next team is the Czech Republic.

Exactly a month ago, England received a face-to-face 1-2 defeat against the Czech Republic.  Perhaps this defeat touched the pride of the Three Lions, so in the next match, they vented anger into Bulgaria with a 6-0 overwhelming victory.  It was also the fourth victory in the last 5 times to be counted on all British arenas.  In the 7th round, England will play at home to welcome weak opponent Montenegro.  This is an opportunity for them to get 3 points in a very easy way.  At home, England has won all the last 6 visits and up to 3 of them are victories with a difference of 3 goals or more.

In the first leg, England easily defeated Montenegro 5-1 right on the opponent's field.  Extending in the past 5 encounters, Montenegro has received 2 defeats and 3 draws.  There is quite a gap in level between the two teams.  Compared to Montenegro, the Three Lions are on a different level with superior playing quality and a full range of famous world players.  A win is easy for England in this round, moreover it will be a bold victory, thereby bringing profits to those who believe in them.  

There are so many reasons for English players to enter the game with the utmost determination to win tonight.  First and foremost, with just 3 points, they will officially have a ticket to the EURO 2020 finals. Secondly, this is the 1,000th international match of the Three Lions, a very special and sure event for them.  Do not want to lose, even draw.

Also related to England, the recent few days this team has raised the issue of BHL, the team that straightened out midfielder Raheem Sterling from the match against Montenegro due to the act of causing internal disunity.  The Man City star was aggressive with his brother Joe Gomez in connection with last weekend's defeat against Liverpool.

The action of the English Football Federation as well as the BHL shows that England is ready to kill any player to bring the "clean" atmosphere to the team.  Remember that Sterling is a very important star for the Three Lions, when he and captain Harry Kane are the top scorers in the qualifying campaign with 8 goals.

Although losing Sterling, Southgate coach probably is not too worried, because at this time England has many quality players ready to replace.  In the stage of talent proliferation, Jadon Sancho - Marcus Rashford - Kane will be too perfect choices for the Three Lions' offensive fronts.  The speed of Sancho - Rashford and Kane's instinctive goalscoring and independent activities will certainly make the Montenegro away team difficult.

Montenegro's motivation in this match was almost zero, because they were officially eliminated when they only won 3 points after 7 matches.  This is the last match in this team's qualifying campaign and with the strength is not strong, it is really difficult for this team to make a surprise at Wembley, on a special day of the Three Lions.

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