Euro 2020: France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Capital is the highest-rated team in Group H with the presence of Turkey, France, Iceland, Albania, Andora and Moldova but France is not the leading team at the moment. Having the same 19 points, France is currently in second place due to the fact that they are inferior to the top of Turkey in goal difference. This is very difficult for the world champions to accept, so France is determined to reclaim the position it was supposed to be for them. 

In the last round, despite trying so hard as France still could not keep 3 points for themselves at home and let Turkey draw 1-1 with regretfully. Before having to share points with Turkey, France had a 4-match series to win against the rest of the group, Andorra, Albania and Iceland. In order to regain the top of Group H, the world champions are forced to win in the last two rounds, and expect Turkey to stumble. The second condition is unknown, but the fact that France won all 6 points in the remaining two rounds is entirely possible because the last two rounds they only have to receive weak opponents.

In front of France is the reception of the Moldova team. This team was originally considered as a roadside in the Euro 2020 qualifier because of its poor performance and little experience, and it must be in the same group with the big teams like France, Turkey or Iceland. Moldova is considered as the treasury of Group H. After 8 rounds have passed, teachers and coaches of Semen Altman have only got 3 points after 1 win, the remaining 7 matches lost. At the same time, this team must receive 22 goals while scoring only a mere 2 goals. The only victory this team had in this year's qualifier was against Andorra with a minimum score of 1-0.

There is no need to say too much about the obvious differences in the level and level of France and Moldova. In the first leg, France easily won 4-1 against Moldova despite having to march away from home. More specifically, France had a 3-point gap in the first half and in the second half, they only played with the reserve team but were able to keep the gap and win all 3 points. In this rematch, with home advantage and determination to solidify the top position, it will not be surprising if France continues to have one more victory in their journey in the Euro 2020 qualifier.  

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