Euro 2020: Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Germany and the Netherlands are the two teams dominating the number 1 and 2 positions of Group C and get 15 points after 6 matches.  The tank left Northern Ireland behind with a gap of 3 points.  Thus, just having a victory against Belarus coach Joachim Low's team has got a ticket to the Euro 2020 finals. Almost certainly the next ticket will belong to them, but going forward as a team.  Being the top team or not, you need to wait and see the performance of Germany and the Netherlands in the last 2 matches.

Germany's performance in recent times is very good.  Apart from losing to the top team and also the biggest rival in Group C, the Netherlands and Germany won all of the remaining 7 matches.  In the last round, they were not difficult to get a 3-0 victory over Estonia despite having to play on the opponent's field.  It can be seen that, despite being in the rejuvenation stage, Germany is still very strong.  Outside the Netherlands, there is no team in Group C that can afford to make tanks difficult.

On the other side, Belarus does not have the opportunity to be able to make a difference in Group C. With weak capacity, attending the Euro qualifier this time will mainly help Belarus gain more experience in  international arenas.  In the last round, Belarus received a 1-2 defeat against the Netherlands, but their performance was assessed as very progressive.  Receiving the top team at home, Belarus has caused a lot of difficulties for the visitors and even got an honorary goal thanks to the Dragun's clutch after Van Dijk's wrong judgment situation.

Currently, Belarus is ranked 4th in Group C with only 4 points obtained after 7 matches.  There is no chance for them and the remaining matches are only procedural.  Having to march to the field of a strong, thirsty Germany team will be an extremely difficult challenge for Belarus.  As for Germany, the opportunity to win their top spot is quite bright as the Netherlands will face Northern Ireland in the next round, while teachers and coach Joachim Loew have to defeat a weak team.  .  The 3-point goal is not difficult for Germany to welcome Belarus at home and predict they will have a jubilant victory, thereby being able to race the goal difference with the Dutch team.  Predicting Germany will be the name to overcome the successful football contract and bring joy to investors in this match.

Germany's scoring performance at this time is very high, up to 3.4 goals / game.  In the first leg, Germany also fired against Belarus 2 goals.  It is on the pitch of Belarus, predicting the next match when played at home, Germany will do more than that.  On the other side, Belarus' fragile defense has received 12 goals in the past 8 matches.  With this situation, predicting the next 90 minutes will be a rain of goals for the fans, and bring the game to the door.  

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