Euro 2020: Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Located in Group J with the participation of Finland, Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece and Liechtenstein, Italy is considered the strongest team and will soon win tickets to the final.  The current table situation reflects this prediction is completely accurate.  During his campaign, Italy always proved to be too superior to the rest.  They won all 8 matches played, won 24 points and led the group with a distance of up to 9 points compared to Finland's second place team.  The ticket to the final was safely in the hands of Italy.

With being officially present in the Euro finals, the match against Bosnia here for Italy is only procedural.  Moreover, the opponent is only a weak team, so it is expected that Italy will march to Bosnia and start with the strongest squad.  Young strikers or substitute players will be given the opportunity to show in this match by coach Roberto Mancini.  But with the depth of force and superiority compared to the opponent, although not equal to the best force, the rest of Gli Azzurri is more than enough to beat Bosnia in the match tonight.  Under the coach Roberto Mancini, although no longer possesses many stars in the squad, the Italian play has gained cohesion, smoothly collective, from which reap positive results.

On the other side, Bosnia was almost certainly at home watching Europe's biggest football festival through the small screen.  They have 10 points and stand at No. 3, inferior to Finland from 2nd to 5 points.  This team's performance has been very unstable recently, with 3 games out of the last 5 appearances, the remaining two victories.  This is also the reason why they dropped to the 4th position in the table of group J. In this round, Bosnia will welcome Italy Tel at home.  This is where Bosnia have been unbeaten in the last 7 times, including 5 victories.

It can be seen that Bosnia has a great advantage from the pitch in the coming battle with Italy.  In addition, the host is also quite good and possesses many good players in the squad, the most prominent is the main striker E. Dzeko who is joining AS Roma.  However, the possibility that Bosnia can surprise Italy is very fragile.  Despite being a guest, with superior class and sublime form, Italy is highly appreciated for the ability to win 3 points against Bosnia.  In the first leg, Italy also beat Bosnia with a score of 2-1 at home.  Bosnia is unlikely to change his fate in this rematch, so with the 0-0.5 football handicap on the Asian trading floor, trusting Italy is still a wise choice for players.  

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