Euro 2020: Portugal πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

As the defending champions of Europe as well as the Nations League, Portugal has high expectations for the Euro 2020 qualifiers. However, the fact shows that this team is facing numerous difficulties on their children.  The way to find the ticket to the next round in Group B. Portugal was greatly disappointed when Ukraine was far behind by 8 points after receiving defeat against this opponent in the last match.  Now Portugal are no longer able to compete at the top of the table and in the remaining 2 rounds, they will have to fight hard to win the second ticket to the final because Serbia is also very closely behind.  with only 1 point less.

Before losing 1-2 to Ukraine, Portugal had 5 consecutive wins in all competitions.  With the remaining 2 opponents of this team being quite weak, the chance for Portugal to win 6 absolute points and win a direct ticket is huge.  In the upcoming 8th round, Portugal will welcome Lithuania at Algarve Stadium.  Portugal's home form is very high with 7 consecutive unbeaten matches in the most recent visits, including up to 4 victories.

On the other side, this is the rare time that Lithuania has given itself the No. 4 seed position in qualifying for a major tournament.  However, they are still only the team paving the way in Group B with very poor performance.  After 7 matches played, Lithuania only won the last 1 point in Group B. With consecutive losses and poor performances throughout the campaign, this outcome for Lithuania was nothing.  surprise.  This team has been officially eliminated and the match here is only procedural.

Currently Lithuania is ranked 132 on the FIFA Ranking table, which is 126 points behind the home team.  This number is enough to show the difference between the pair today.  In the first leg, despite playing on the opponent's field, Portugal was very easy to have a bold 5-1 victory.  Therefore, in this rematch, it will not be surprising if Lithuania continues to lose with such a strong score.  Despite not being too impressive, before the weak opponent like Lithuania, Portugal seemed to have firmly won a victory.  

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