Euro 2020: Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

After winning the first 6 rounds in Euro 2020 qualifiers, Spain has been held by Norway and Sweden in the last 2 rounds. Although these results do not affect the Gaur's No. 1 position, it also shows that Spain can now easily be controlled by the opponent. The Spanish way of play has not had a lot of innovation through the coaches, and the strikers also do not leave many marks, there are people who are on the other side of the slope like Busquets, while the names is not new enough to replace.

Although no longer in the peak period of both people and performance as before, but it can not be denied that Spain is still a force of world football. They are currently leading Group F with 20 points, 5 points higher than the Swedish team. In the context of only 2 more rounds, Spain has certainly got a place in the final round regardless of the results in the remaining 2 rounds. However, with the mind of one of the strongest teams in the world, in the next match, Spain is still aiming for a victory in welcoming Malta at home to regain the trust of the following fans. when drawing two matches in a row.

On the other side of the battle, Malta were the most underrated team in Group F. They finished bottom of the table with only 3 points gained after 8 rounds, thanks to their victory over Faroe Islands. However, after this victory, Malta lost 1 circuit 7 games in a row. Anyway this is not a surprising result because with weak capacity and poor experience, Malta has determined right from the start of the qualifying round that they will attend with the goal of rubbing and training experience. experience. 

On the FIFA rankings, Malta is ranked 182, which is inferior to Spain by 174 places. Those are the numbers that clearly show the difference in class between the two teams in the match tonight. Defeating Malta in this match is not a difficult task for Spain, but winning with a difference of at least 5 goals to overcome the 4.5-goal football handicap is too much. In the first leg, Gaur won Malta over a trip to the opponent's field but only with a score of 2-0. Moreover, the last two draws also made people doubt the power of Gaur at this time. Therefore, it would be very risky to decide to trust the owner in this lease. Selecting Malta will be smarter.  

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