Fulham's desire to return to the Premier League arena is really great, the capital team is competing extremely fiercely for a position in the top to be able to return to the most prestigious tournament in England. Currently, they are ranked 7th in the rankings with 26 points after 16 rounds and are 2 points away from the team attending the play off match. Although relegated last season, fortunately for Fulham, they still retain the important pillars, so can be expected in this team. 
In the last round, Fulham won 1-0 in the march to Birmingham City, thereby regaining the feeling of victory after two consecutive rounds of draw and loss.  In this round, they will be playing at the home to welcome QPR.  In the 8 matches played at home this season, Fulham have 4 wins, 2 draws and also lost 2 matches, the last home match was a 0-3 defeat to Hull City.  Before a competitor who has been going down a lot like QPR, Fulham needs to seize this opportunity to get 3 points for themselves and continue the race to the top.

On the other side, QPR has not been able to win for over a month.  In the last 4 matches, they drew 2 and lost 2, the previous round though leading the table, but they still let the opponent equalize regret.  With consecutive unsatisfactory results, QPR dropped to 10th place in the rankings with a distance of 4 points from the top 6.  Although QPR had shown a bright face with comprehensive and diverse gameplay, but this team did not maintain stability and therefore, many people did not dare to believe that they could go deep.  in this season.

Fulham currently has more advantages than QPR.  They are also the better team in the history of the match when they won 5, drew 2 and lost only 2 in 10 times to QPR.  At this meeting, with the home field advantage and the momentum after the victory in the previous round, Fulham is much appreciated in the ability to win.  Remember, Craven Cottage is always a fierce land for every team.  Fulham's last 5 home games lost only once, the rest were 2 wins and 2 draws and the opponent's net.  With handicap football handicap only 0.5 left, the player can confidently set Fulham door to profit.

It is hard to deny the power of Fulham's attack.  Dropping down from the Premier League, this team is playing very well in the First Division.  Their main striker Mitrovic is leading the league table of top goalscorers.  Meanwhile, QPR is the team with the most fragile defense when conceding 30 times since the beginning of the season until now.  Moreover, the two teams often play very open and fire each time they meet, so it is completely possible to hope for a match of goals tonight and the door is a smart choice for players.  
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