Five ways to combat vitamin D deficiency in winter

Vitamin D is a vitamin that helps develop bones, teeth and muscles better.  But the problem is that this vitamin level tends to fall during the winter days.  The Guardian has published some easy ways that you can use to avoid the total drop of this vitamin in your body:

Supplements - During the summer months, people are able to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D, due to excessive exposure to the sun.  However, during the winter days, you need to take supplements to maintain the proper level of this vitamin in the body.

Fungi - the skin of the fungus has the ability to produce vitamin D in the same way that human skin produces it during the summer.  Consuming them during the winter days is the best way to get the right amount of vitamin D in the body.

Fish oil - although very few foods contain this type of vitamin, you can still increase its level by using some types of salmon.

Cereals - one of the few foods that can stimulate vitamin D production is cereals.  Eating breakfast cereals increases the level of this vitamin in the body.

Merluci  - namely oil of this type of fish, has the ability to stimulate vitamin D production.

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