HTAFC vs Swans

Huddersfield started off badly in the English first division this season with only 17 points after 17 rounds.  With this score, they are 19th in the rankings, only 3 points higher than the red light group.  In the match of the 18th round tonight, Danny Cowley's teachers and students are allowed to return to their home turf but have to welcome the not easy opponent, Swansea.

The reason for saying so because compared to Huddersfield, Swansea started much more impressive.  With 29 points, "swan" is ranked 6th on the chart.  Therefore, in the match tonight, despite being a guest, the Welsh team is still ranked equal to the house by Huddersfield with the ratio of 0: 0.

In terms of performance, Huddersfield can see a strong resurgence.  The proof is that in the last 9 rounds, they lost only 1 match (won 4, drawn 4, lost 1).  But with a 0: 0 ratio, experts do not appreciate the ability of Danny Cowley's teachers and students to overcome.  The biggest problem of this team is the ineffective play in the active attack.  It is no coincidence that in the 9 home games played this season, they only 2 times the triumphal song (won 2, drew 3, lost 4).

Also due to the ability to attack ineffectively (19 goals / 17 matches), Huddersfield only won the odds of 29.41%.  They are now one of the three clubs with the lowest odds of winning the Championship.  In addition, it must be emphasized that Huddersfield did not win in the last 3 Swansea clashes (draw 1, lose 2).  

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