La Dea vs Man City

In the fourth round of Group C UEFA Champions League, Manchester City will visit Atalanta. A win will help the English team advance to the next two rounds and most likely they will do that because the home team is much weaker than them.

Atalanta for the first time in the Champions League has shown weakness in many aspects, inexperienced and quality squad. They lost all 3 matches played and did not have many chances to continue. The first leg of the Etihad Stadium, the team from Serie A, was easy to lose with a score of 1-5 and this second leg, although being played at home, maybe the outcome for Atalanta will still be a loss. Most likely that scenario will occur and it is likely that Atalanta will be the first team to be sure to be eliminated after 4 matches.

Manchester City are advancing in Group C when the opponents are too weak for Pep Guardiola's team. They easily won the first 3 matches with strong scores to show their superiority. This is probably part of the England team's intention because their goal is to win the championship. Coming to the Atalanta Stadium, it is likely that Manchester City will not play hard because they still think of the Premier League weekend match with Liverpool. So the possibility of this game Pep's students will not play too drastically and will win with a slight score.

The home market for this match is 1-1.5 in favor of the Manchester City away team. This rafter who the player spun yarns should shop for the UK team winning chances will be higher because the more likely they will win gently with the score gap. 
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