La Liga: Real Madrid 23 Nov

In this season, although the competition has not really met the expectations of the fans, the Santiago Bernabéu home field has always been the "inviolable fortress" of the White Vulture when they have not lost a match since the beginning of the season. all fronts. Before the epic match of the 14th round, let's see if Los Blancos will continue to flourish at home to continue chasing the top team Barcelona or a well-performing Real Sociedad will sow sorrow for the team. Royal right on the Bernabeu sanctuary to officially rise above the home team.

After a slow start in the early part of the season despite having a terrible squad, Zidane is gradually stepping the Real Madrid ship to the right of his inherent victory trajectory. Before the match to welcome the team that is also playing or Real Sociedad at home, Real has a perfect momentum with 4 wins and 1 draw. The attack of Real Madrid is also playing very well with the excellence of the 31-year-old French major Karim Benzema. He is currently leading La Liga's bombing list with 9 goals, 1 goal more than Barcelona's Lionel Messi. More roojgn, Real is also the second most powerful team with 25 goals, while the defense led by Ramos is also firmly 2nd in La Liga with only 9 goals conceded. Sweet fruits for Zidane and his students are the second place in the La Liga rankings when they have the same score as Barcelona but lose the difference. However, this match is still expected to be very difficult because Real Sociedad is always a small barrier for white vultures when confronted. The clearest evidence is that Real Madrid have lost both matches and before Real Sociedad are two goals difference last season.

This season, Alguacil is bringing a whole new way of playing for Real Sociedad players that is completely different from themselves last year. Real Sociedad is playing a attacking style of play but at the same time is not lacking in efficiency. Their goalscorers spread from every position of striker, midfielder or even defender with a total of 21 goals scored. 27-year-old Brazilian striker Willian Jose is currently the No. 1 striker of Real Sociedad with 5 goals in 13 matches. Although the game was open but not because of that their defense played lack of concentration. Consequences Real Sociedad has only conceded 14 times, an average of nearly 1.1 goals / game. A victory right now at the Bernabeu will not be great to help them get at least 4th place in the rankings after the end of the round.
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