La Liga: Real Madrid 30/11

Real Madrid has just spent 90 minutes struggling to welcome the "rich man" of France is PSG in the Champions League arena. As a result, the Real players were quickly leveled by the opponents 2-2 in the last minutes despite leading 2 goals, thereby only getting 1 point. Back to the La Liga arena, the white vulture after beating Real Sociedad 3-1 in the previous round had the same score of 28 points with Barcelona but came in second place because of the inferior index. Therefore, they need a victory now to regain their spirits and continue the championship race.

In terms of form, Real Madrid have been unbeaten in all 7 appearances in all competitions, including 5 victories. Obviously, the strength of midfield helps Real Madrid play much better. Their problem is that the defense is not really working closely, especially between goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and the central defenders. In this round, Real has a march to the Alaves yard. Their goal is 3 points in hopes of regaining the top spot. The superior ability and the quality of the squad are much higher, which makes Real gain confidence in the battle tonight.

On the other side, Alaves had a hard time in the early stages of the season but by this time, they were somewhat back to their annoying image. They played calculated and tactical in recent rounds with tight defensive play before launching quality counter-attacks on the opponent. Thanks to that, Alaves get the good results, the nearest is 2 consecutive victories against Real Valladolid and Eibar, with a total of 5 goals without conceding any time. Now, Alaves has got 18 points and ranked 13th on the chart. Playing better and better, this team promises to quickly improve their position on the scoreboard.

The advantage of Alaves in the 15th match is playing at home. Here they were unbeaten 4 most recent guests, including 3 wins, the rest is a draw with strong team Atletico Madrid. The power of Alaves at home is no joke. That is the challenge for Real Madrid, especially when the White Vulture is not too good away from home with 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw in the last 6 marches. If playing properly, Alaves can completely retain 1 point at home.  

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