Leeds Utd vs QPR

Championship 2019/20 has gone even 1/3 of the way and Leeds are present in the top 3. Currently. they are only 2 points less than the top spot, held by West Brom (25 vs. 27). With QPR, the representative of London capital ranked 8th, meaning that outside the group won the right to play the promotion play-off round at the end of the season.

With such a difference in position, plus geographical factors (home ground), Leeds Utd enter the match with a handicap 1 draw is not too high. However, if anyone thinks that this will be an easy match with the army of coach Marcelo Bielsa, you have to reconsider. In other words, it is unlikely that Leeds Utd will retain 3 points, not to mention winning two or more goals.

At first, it is true that Leeds Utd is sluggish in the top 3, but their current performance is not commensurate. In the past 6 rounds, Bielsa teachers and students only had the triumph song 2 times, the rest drew 2, lost 2. In the last 2 matches, they shared points with the opponent, respectively against Preston and Sheffield Wed. According to Asia, Leeds Utd lost 5/6 matches.

Next, Leeds Utd is being arrested by QPR. In the recent 2 confrontations, Leeds Utd have tasted bitter fruits. In the first match, the game Bielsa lost 1-2. The next match, they lost 0-1. Finally, QPR is playing quite impressive away from home, but the victory of the last 3/4 matches is proof. Therefore, the advice for investors is to choose the client.
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