Leicester City vs Gunners

Former King Leicester City, sublime, scary, will have King Power's home ground to welcome the direct competitor for the top 4 is Arsenal is unstable in the match in round 12. Let's see the Gunners can show class.  just in time to cut the circuit 3 times in a row does not win and narrow the gap with the opponent.  Or the Foxes continued to have the excitement to show their fangs, causing Arsenal to hold their hatred like the turn from which there was a fourth round in a row to win.

The last 3 times clash with Arsenal, Leicester City made the Gunners hug twice and both at home, scored in the net to 3 goals in those 2 matches, along with confidence at home with the circuit.  The last 4 matches have all won.  Foxes' performance is also extremely excited when they won the last 3 rounds, scoring 13 opponents and scoring once.  The latest is a 2-0 victory against a London representative, Crystal Palace with a score of 2-0, young defender Calgar Soyuncu is opening the score at the beginning of the second half - this is the first goal.  of the Turkish player to the Foxes, then the old general Jamie Vardy opened fire to finish the match.  It was the 10th veteran's goal for The Fox and he went on to lead the top scorer list.  Teachers and teachers Brendan Rogers are sluggish in the top 3 and ready to surprise the title race, they are the second most powerful attack with 27 shots.

The away field is really frightening the Gunners when they have not won all 4 recent matches in 3 arenas, including the latest draw when the visitors in Portugal against the last team Vitoria Guimaraes still have no points.  No. but they just came out with a 1-1 draw.  Rob Holding wore the captain's armband on the day but he made a mistake at the end of the match, before his partner Mustafi headed for Arsenal to open the score in the match they were too deadlocked.  This 1 point makes Arsenal unable to get tickets early to continue in the Europa League despite still being top of Group F, they are also precarious in the Premier League when losing to Leicester's top 4 with 6 points with 3 consecutive rounds are not winning. 
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