Liverpool vs Citizens

The meeting between Liverpool vs Man City this Sunday will be the focal match of the 12th round of the Premier League this season.  Both will play in the mood to win the Super Sunday match in order to dream of the championship.  Both are outperforming the rest of the Premier League.  However, Liverpool is still a much better team in this race when it is leading and there is a gap of 6 points against Man City.  The next 90 minutes clearly mean as a 6-point match.  If Liverpool win, they will successfully widen the gap with the big rival to 9 points, while on the contrary, Man City will stick closer to the top position of The Kop with a shortened distance to 3 points.

Up to before the game tonight, Liverpool have been unbeaten since the beginning of the season, they won 10 matches and only had to split points only once before MU.  It is in the Premier League.  If you talk more about Liverpool in the Champions League, everything is going smoothly.  The Kop just won 2-1 before Genk to consolidate the No. 1 position in Group E, and put a foot in the next round.  With a very good performance in the European arena, Liverpool can wholeheartedly focus on the first leg final against Man City.

On the other side, Man City is also very sublime.  But the problem is that they do not maintain stability.  In the Champions League arena, teachers and coach Pep Guardiola let Atalanta draw 1-1 in the latest round.  In the Premier League, the Green Man won only 8 matches, the rest drew 1 and lost up to 2 matches in the past 11 rounds.  Worth mentioning that their two empty hands were before Wolves and even rookie Norwich.  Can be easily noticed, Man City this season, though still excellent, but not sublimated and impressive as the previous season.  They still have victories to destroy opponents but also have extremely difficult to lose.  The gap of 6 points compared to the current Liverpool and the unstable form of Man City makes people doubt the ability of the team to successfully defend the championship.  

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