LTFC vs Leeds Utd

After the beginning of the season with many uncertainties, Leeds gradually showed the bravery and strength of a bright candidate for the promotion ticket. In contrast, Luton Town is still struggling with countless difficulties and teachers and coach Graeme Jones has not shown signs of improvement. 4 consecutive defeats have shown that they deserve to be in the list of qualified candidates. Clearly with such a fighting spirit, even the most optimistic people can hardly put their faith in Luton Town at this time.

Luton Town hosts are experiencing really difficult days when they have lost 5 of the last 6 rounds and have 4 consecutive empty hands. On the current standings, Luton Town only got 14 points and came in 21st place after winning 4, drawing 2 and losing 10 in 16 matches played. In addition, the home team has only 2 wins in 6 matches played at their home. Not to mention the professional and human quality at the moment is quite different between the two teams. Therefore, the need to welcome the extremely sublime Leeds at the present time continues to be a too big challenge for Luton Town. It will obviously be a match where the visitors will overwhelm the battlefield and it is not difficult for 3 points to leave Kenilworth Road.

Currently, Leeds is showing an impressive performance with a series of 5 unbeaten matches in a row, including 3 triumphs. That makes them firmly in 3rd place with 31 points after 16 rounds and only 2 points from the top of the table. Therefore, the opportunity ahead is still very bright and Leeds will need to keep their stability during the upcoming decisive sprint. Not to mention Leeds are still performing quite well away in the past with only 2 losses after 8 times having to march away from home since the beginning of the season. In particular, the solid and disciplined play is causing the opponents to be timid, the most evident evidence that they have conceded only 9 goals from the beginning of the season and the most impressive achievement of the tournament.  
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