Man City vs CFC

The most attractive match in Round 13 of the Premier League is the heated confrontation between defending champions Manchester City and Chelsea.  Both teams are having a series of recent sublimation and fierce competition for the top spots.  Whether Frank Lampard's youth army will continue their high flight series or Manchester City will show the champion's bravery.

Manchester City has always been one of the heaviest contenders for the championship in recent years when putting its absolute power in front of rivals.  However, last year they were surprisingly only in 4th place because their opponents continued to fly high, in which the biggest opponent was Liverpool unbeaten from the beginning of the season.  The unfortunate losses against Norwich and Wolves have slowed down the Etihad team and allowed Chelsea and Leicester to surpass.  The last game of Pep Guardiola's army lost in a 6-point match against Liverpool by the shine of Fibinho, Mahamed Salah and Sadio Mane, played quite well and was equal to the opponent but in one day of attack.  incredible face Manchester had to look at 3 points to the opponent in a warm way.  It is worth mentioning that this is a match where the decisions of the referee caused a lot of controversy and then at the end of the match Pep Guardiola had to run to shake the referee of the match sarcastically.

Ranked 3rd at the moment when it is equal to Leicester but it can be said that Chelsea are showing an extremely respectable face when they have won 6 consecutive rounds recently.  It is hard to think that a fledgling army of players who have only played in the Premier League for the first time like Tomori or Mason Mount can help the team ranked third this season.  Under the guidance of the legendary Frank Lampard the Blue is showing as one of the most impressive football teams in the English Premier League, having scored a total of 27 goals and is the fourth most powerful attacking team in the Premier League.  However, the inexperience of Frank Lampard's students is clearly shown in the defense when conceding 17 goals, the main reason is the lack of attention of the inexperienced center-back pair Zouma and Tomori.  Therefore, the upcoming match against Manchester City is definitely a match that Chelsea need to improve their defense very much because their opponent owns the strongest attack in the Premier League.  
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