Millwall vs WAFC

After the first 17 rounds, Millwall won 24 points, ranked 10th in the 2019/20 Championship. The goal of Millwall this season is to try to attach themselves to the team with the opportunity to promote, so in the coming period, they will try their best to look forward to the victories.

The recent performance of Millwall is quite good, the last 4 rounds they won 3 matches both in terms of score and Asian handicap. Playing at home in round 18 helps Millwall have more confidence. 8 matches from the beginning of the season, this team lost only 1 match, the rest are 5 wins and 2 draws. According to Asian rafters, the previous 10 home games, Millwall won up to 8 matches.

Millwall's upcoming opponent is Wigan after 17 rounds to win 15 points, ranking 20th on the English league table. Recently, the style of Wigan makes even those who love them feel bored. The team from Manchester city has lost all 3 recent matches in both score and Asian handicap.

When playing away from home, Wigan increasingly hard to salvage confidence in the fans. 11 games away from home before, Wigan won with 8 defeats and 3 draws, losing 9 matches under Asian rafters. At the present time, Wigan is difficult to promise to improve the performance without the 3 pillars of injury and the cards are Tom Pearce, Lee Evans and Cedric Kipre.  
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