Norwich City vs WFC

Playing on the Premier League playing field as a rookie team, it's no surprise that Norwich are too overwhelmed by the level and rigor of the highest league in the fog.  Canaries are deep in the battle of relegation when standing at the penultimate with only 7 points obtained after 11 rounds, less than safe group to 4 points.  This team is in a real crisis with a series of extremely poor matches.  In the past 11 rounds, Norwich lost 9 matches and won only 2, drew 1. 

In the last round, Norwich continue to lose to Brighton and concede twice, although this opponent is not a strong team in attack.  Worth mentioning, this is also the Norwich match with the best force.  If the previous worst series could have blamed the lack of pillars, there was no reason to justify Norwich's disappointing performances.  In this round, they will welcome Watford at home.  This is an important battle with Norwich because if they continue to lose, they will be pushed to the bottom of the table.

Norwich's opponent in this match is Watford.  This team is even more miserable at the bottom of the table with only 5 points.  Quique's army is becoming the brightest name for relegation this season.  The impasse in the righteous goods is the main cause of their poor performance.  Fans are extremely disappointed by not being able to find Watford the image of a team as uncomfortable as last season.  However, the defeat of Chelsea in the last round of Watford was considered a good performance.  Although a few pillars were missing due to injury and had to face a much stronger team, Watford was not so bad and clearly showed his great effort.

In the past the two teams proved quite balanced.  In the last 9 encounters, each side has 3 victories, the remaining 3 draws.  Currently, they have a very faded face and are increasingly widened by the safety group.  The turn to both will meet in the match is as important as a reverse final.  They will have to scramble each opportunity to have hope to escape the dangerous area.  In terms of performance, Norwich and Watford are equally flat.  But in terms of play, while Norwich is disjointed, Watford shows better cohesion.  Therefore, Watford's ability to win in this match is more appreciated and predicts they will do well right away to get the first victory this season. 
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