In the earliest match in the 14th round of the Premier League, at home James Park, the team showing signs of returning is Newcastle will have to welcome defending champion Manchester City. Let's wait and see, whether Newcastle United create a shock to improve their position on the standings or Manchester City will spend 3 points to return to the championship race.

After the early matches, Newcastle are showing positive signs in the recent period. Specifically, "Chèo jò" has shown signs of waking up when they have won 7 points in the last 4 matches in the Premier League with 2 wins, 1 tie and a loss of 1 match. Although not too much, it was enough for coach Stevs Bruce to improve his position on the chart. And now "Warch" is standing in 14th place with 15 points after 13 rounds, and their distance with the red light group has been widened to 5. Remember, Newcastle is a team. has the second weakest attack in the Premier League with 11 goals and only 3 points lower than the Watford team. More worth mentioning, While the spearhead of Almiron or Maximin is unkempt, they are dependent on the goal from the back by center-back Ciaran Clark leading the scoring list for Newcastle with two goals. Remember, while the attack line does not know how to shine, the defense is also a weakness of Newcastle when the opponent has conceded 20 times after 13 rounds.

The 3-1 defeat against the direct contender for the championship was Liverpool, which made the gap of the two teams was 9 points. Not only that, the loss also pushed Manchester City to fall into the fourth position in the Premier League rankings when behind both Leicester and Chelsea. However, very soon Manchester City has stabilized the mentality to win 2-1 right at the Etihad sanctuary before the Chelsea players themselves. Currently, Manchester City owns 28 points and accepts to rank in 3rd place when losing 1 point and 9 points to Leicester. If you do not want to lose your breath in the fierce race for this year's championship, Man City will surely have to cut down every score he can win. Remember, Man City is the team that owns the most powerful attack in the Premier League when having conceded the opponent to 37 times in just 13 games.  

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