Preston vs HTAFC

7 encounters between 2 clubs since 2011: Preston won 4 and Huddersfield won 3. Thereby, the squad strength of the 2 clubs is quite balanced. However, at this time, the style has a big difference. 

Preston has been playing impressively since the start of the season. In the previous round, coach A. Neil's team just defeated Charlton 1-0 on the opposing field. In the last 3 rounds, the home team was unbeaten with 2 wins. The current performance of the club is highly appreciated. 

After 15 rounds in the Championship, Preston won 8 victories and suffered 3 defeats. A. Neil's army has 28 points, ranked 2nd in the rankings. They are only 2 points behind the top team and still racing fiercely for the lead. 

Especially, Preston's home record so far is very good. 8 matches played at Deepdale in the Championship dry mold, the home team unbeaten with 6 victories. They are facing a great opportunity to continue to win all 3 points in this round 16. 

Huddersfield had just won 1-0 on Brentford's field in the previous round. In the last 6 rounds in the Championship, the visitors are unbeaten with 4 victories. The visitors are also playing very well. 

On the current Championship table, Huddersfield has only 4 wins but 7 losses. The visitors have 16 points and are in 18th position. Between them and the home team is still quite a distance. And Huddersfield's Deepdale trip is expected to face many "storms".

According to the judgment of the housekeepers: in this match, Preston not only has a home advantage, but also has a remarkable assessment of Huddersfield in strength and style. Most likely, the home team will win, even with the score difference. 

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