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Preview UFC 244: Masvidal vs Diaz

Nate Díaz and Jorge Masdival will have the fight that many UFC fans were looking forward to.

The fight between Masvidal and Díaz will take place at UFC 244, this Saturday, November 2, in the historic Madison Square Garden multi-purpose pavilion in New York City.  The UFC 244 can be seen live for Latin America on the FOX Action channel, 561 (SD) and 1561 (HD) on the DirecTV operator.

Before coming to this fight for the 'BMF' belt, Jorge Masdival comes with a two-win streak: he first defeated Darren Till from visiting the United Kingdom and then did the same with Ben Askrem, who took away the undefeated coming  showing off in a fight that lasted only five seconds.

The winner of this confrontation, five rounds, would be very close to being the challenger to the title of the welterweight division.

This event will not feature a fight for the official UFC title, which if confirmed is that the stellar fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Díaz will be at stake the BMF mixed martial arts championship.