In the last 10 confrontations between 2 clubs: the achievement is very balanced when each side has 5 victories. However, this season, the performance between the two teams has a big difference. 

Queens Park Rangers just lost 0-2 to TOP 2 Leeds. However, in the last 5 rounds, they lost 2, drew 1 but also got 2 wins. The performance of the club is not high, but it is still rated higher than the opponent in this match. 

On the current Championship table, Queens Park Rangers have 7 wins and have received 6 defeats after 15 rounds. They are 23 points and stand at 9th place. Overall the team led by M. Warburton coach has been performing well since the beginning of the tournament. 

Being kicked at home in the round of 16, only to receive a falling Middlesbrough, Queens Park Rangers' chance of winning 3 points is very wide. 

Middlesbrough is going through gloomy days in the Championship. In the last 6 rounds alone, they did not have a victory, had 3 draws and had to receive 3 defeats. The current form of the visitors team is very poor. 

After 15 rounds from the beginning of the season, Middlesbrough won only 2 and lost to 7. J. Woodgate's club only got 12 points, standing in the "red light" group in the 22nd position. Really Hard to believe, they can earn points on QPR's field at this time. 

According to the judgment of the housekeepers: in this match, Queens Park Rangers not only have a home field advantage, but also a superior performance compared to Middlesbrough. The home team is likely to have an easy win with the score difference before the away team is playing poorly. 

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