After the first period of the stable playing season, QPR has been in a decline in recent rounds, the most evident proof that they have not won all 5 matches.  In this context, welcoming a very thirsty Nottingham to compete in the first group will be an easy challenge for the Loftus Road team.

QPR has just lost 1-2 at Fulham in the previous round.  With that result, the last 5 rounds in the Championship, the home team was unable to win, and had to receive 3 defeats.  Obviously, QPR's current performance is very poor and underestimated.  Further, after 17 rounds have passed, QPR has dropped to 10th in the rankings with 24 points.  They are 7 victories but have also lost 7 matches.  The home team is still playing very well, so the chances of winning points at the reception for Nottingham this time are very low.  Not to mention in 10 encounters between the two teams, QPR won 3, while Nottingham won 5 and had 2 draws.  Obviously it is not easy for the homeowners to prevail in this situation, because the last time they received Nottingham they also hung their clothes with the score 0-1.

Nottingham had a goalless draw on Bristol City.  In the last 6 rounds in the Championship, the visitors won 3, drew 1 and lost 2. Their performance is still better than the home team.  On the Championship table at this time, Nottingham has just played 16 matches and has won 8, drawn 5, lost 3, the visitors have won 29 points and ranked in 5th position.  2nd place is 5 points, but Nottingham still has 1 match yet.  Therefore, the goal of 3 points is very clear in this trip, especially when they are also closely followed by the group with a distance of only the goal difference.  

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