Rangers FC vs Azuis e brancos

Having a home ground of course, Porto is a bit better for this confrontation but on the other side of the pitch, teachers and teachers Steven Gerrard are showing that they are not easy to be bullied at all and can completely cause difficulties for the owner. home.

Compared to the previous reception, the level of handicap that Porto has for guests is a straight one, there is no change, this shows that the superiority of Porto is nothing to dispute. However, one thing to know is that in the previous two clashes, Porto did not win and even let Rangers play the game once.

With the fulcrum of home field and strength, Porto will likely take the initiative to raise this attack from the beginning. But look at the match with Porto Feyenoord also showed his kicking style but the decline in form on the attack and the gap in the defense has made Porto receive two painful attacks from the Dutch representative.

Perhaps it is a lesson Rangers can follow, with the 4-5-1 gearing on counter-defense being clear. The visitors did not hide their ball intentions. With this situation, today  's  Football Dealer finds that fainting doors are very possible for this match. 
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