Rovers vs Barnsley

Barnsley is one of the rookies who stepped onto this playground from League One and currently they cannot help being overwhelmed by the competitive pressure in this arena. Winning is a luxury for Barnsley right now, because after 16 rounds they only have 1 triumph song. They are even the most blunt defenders and the worst defenders in the tournament. With the current performance, it is too difficult for Barnsley to get the score on the trip to the old Blackburn Stadium in all aspects.

Although highly appreciated, what Blackburn has shown to this time makes the fans extremely disappointed. Currently, the Ewood Park Stadium team is ranked 16 in the rankings in the First Division in England with 18 points obtained after 16 rounds when winning 5 draws 3 and losing 8 matches. With such achievements, the road to return to the No. 1 league of the foggy country is very far. Obviously, Blackburn does not have the stability and bravery of a candidate, even they only won 1 and get back to 5 defeats in the last 8 rounds. Fortunately for Blackburn, however, they only faced Barnsley, the team at the bottom of the standings. The difference between the two teams is easily visible and of course, Blackburn can absolutely get victory if they take advantage of their advantages.

Rookie Barnsley is showing a very poor performance in the English first division this year. Even after 16 rounds, Barnsley got only 9 points and was ranked last in the table. The trips to guests are nightmares for the visitors, because the army of coach Adam Murray is empty-handed and has heavy failures. Obviously, if the team does not improve in the next rounds, the possibility of relegating to the second tier is not far away. Because they know that Barnsley has the worst defense with 33 goals to concede, of course their attack is not better with only 16 goals. Therefore, Barnsley can win in the last 2 match against Blackburn. However, it is at the time when the away team plays well, and now with its flickering form, it is very difficult for the visitors to have points, let alone winning.  

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