SCFC vs Rovers

Stoke used to be a familiar name in the English Premier League, but since receiving the relegation ticket in the 2018/19 season, this team has not been himself.  Last season, despite aiming to win a promotion, Stoke only got 55 points and finished in 16th place overall.

Entering this season, things are becoming even worse for Stoke.  The defeat against Cardiff in the previous match ended Stoke's 2-match winning streak and made them continue to stand in the penultimate position on the table with 14 points, 3 points behind the safety group.  This is not too big and Stoke can catch up.

However, in order to do this, the task of the homeowners is to ensure stability, avoid receiving unnecessary defeats, especially matches with home advantage, like  like the reception for Blackburn tonight.  Just by winning, the opportunity to rise to the safe group is very possible for Stoke players.

Stoke's ambition is quite possible, although rival Blackburn is in impressive form with the record of winning the last 3/4 matches.  However, the away record of this team makes NHM not afraid, when they have lost the last 4 matches.  Further away, Blackburn lost 6/7 matches away from home.  

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