SerieATIM: Inter Milan 23 Nov

Conte and his students are playing very excited this season.  Determined to turn the balance for the tournament, Inter Milan is pulling each score to raise hopes of overthrowing the nearly decade-old dominance of the "Old Lady of Turin".  Therefore, the trip to visit Olimpico di Torino in front of a declining Torino will be an opportunity for the blue and black striped army to spend all 3 points to regain the No. 1 position.  This round, Juventus can stumble when they will have to make guests on the pitch of Atalanta playing extremely well.

In contrast to last year's sublimation tournament, Torino of the current show a very frail face.  Because despite having gone through 12 rounds, Torino has only won 14 points and accepted to rank in the 11th position. Remember, Mazzarri's army of attackers is among the weakest offensive teams in  Serie A only had a mere c = integrity of 15 goals.  Meanwhile, their defense is not really sure when the 32-year-old goalkeeper Sirigu has to pick the ball up to 17 times.  Obviously, although Torino just won an unbelievably 4-goal victory against rookie Berescia to cut off his series of disappointments.  However, Inter Milan is a very strong opponent compared to themselves.

Inter Milan under Conte now has a very different face than they were last season.  In this season, Inter Milan are regaining their inherent bravery in the domestic league while joining Juventus to create a two-horse race for the prestigious Scudetto trophy.  With determination at all costs to overthrow the dominance of the "Lady", it seems that Inter Milan does not weigh too much on the most attractive tournament in Europe.  Therefore, the bed as their next door seems to be no longer in the Champions League after the defeat against the representative of Germany - Dortmund in the last round.  With that defeat, Inter Milan are currently ranked 3rd when there are only 4 points after 4 rounds while the next match they have to meet candidates for the championship of barcelona.  Remember, Inter Milan are in great attack with 26 goals scored so far.  Meanwhile, their main striker Lukaku is also the best striker in Serie A with 9 times penetrating the opponent's net after 12 matches.  Obviously, if you spend all 3 points Inter Milan has a great opportunity to rise to the top of the rankings because in the match a few hours away from Juventus will have a difficult trip to Atalanta who is flourishing.  

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