Sheffield United vs BUR

A rookie in the English Premier League, but Sheffield Utd now shows that he is not a name easily bullied.  Active defensive play with the majority of players always on the home side of Sheffield Utd makes it difficult for the teams to find their way into goal keeper Henderson.

Before entering the match tonight, Sheffield Utd are having 3 consecutive games unbeaten in the Premier League.  They drew Watford and West Ham on two trips, while alternating in the middle was a brave 1-0 victory over the big Arsenal.  With 5 points earned in these 3 matches, Sheffield Utd rookie currently ranked 8th in the rankings with 13 points.

This is a score that is beyond the expectation of the NHM team, because their original goal was only relegation efforts.  However, this season has just passed nearly 1/3 of the way and there is still no guarantee, when Sheffield Utd is only 5 points more than the red-lighted group.  Therefore, more than ever they need to continue to maintain their stable style, especially to make the best of the advantages when playing at home.

On the opposite side of the field, Burnley players are in poor shape with the last 2 matches lost, in which the defense has conceded 6 times.  The away record of this team also makes NHM not feel secure, because they have not won any match since the beginning of the season with 2 defeats and 3 draws.

Asian exchanges on this match recorded the rate of Sheffield Utd accepting 0: 1/4.  This is the first time this season in the English Premier League they have been ranked at the top of the house.  However, observing how Sheffield Utd plays, they are not suitable for the higher position.  The home team only plays really well when in the lower door, must play defensive counterattack.  When forced to attack in search of victory, Sheffield Utd often played very deadlock. 
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