Swans vs Millwall

Swansea City's efforts are bringing positive signals to help them to be on the top to compete for the promotion play-off ticket next season.  Welcoming a Millwall just in the middle of the rankings will be a great opportunity for the "black swan" to put pressure on the first group after the end of the 17th round.  This is not a difficult task for the owner of Liberty Stadium.

Both Swansea City and Millwall have fairly open play, so their recent matches often take place with a scenario of exploding goals.  Specifically, the last 3/4 matches of Swansea City and the last 5/6 appearances of Millwall have been closed with a minimum of 3 times the net shaking each game.  

Swansea is well-prepared before entering a duel with Millwall.  Specifically, the Liberty team is unbeaten in the last 3 rounds, including 2 wins.  In the opposite direction, playing away from home is a problem for Millwall.  Statistics of the last 5 trips away from home Millwall did not win any match with 2 draws and 3 losses.  The head-to-head record is also backing Swansea as they have won all of the last 3 matches against Millwall.
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