UCL: Inter Milan

Inter Milan are playing very well in the domestic league.  They are in 2nd place in the Serie A rankings and only 1 point behind leaders Juventus.  The Milan team is showing a strong return this season and is the counterbalance of Juventus in the championship race in Serie A. But in the Champions League, teachers and coach Antonio Conte are having difficulty in the race to win.  tickets go forward.  With the 3rd place in Group F with 4 points, 3 points behind Dortmund's second team, Inter's chances of going forward are not very bright.

Inter Milan's mission in the 5th leg of the march was to win against Prague to get all 3 points.  The representative of Italy has quite a few advantages to confidently complete this task.  Despite having to march away from home, Inter Milan is not bad at away.  They had 4 triumphal songs when returning from the last 5 times away from home.  In addition, compared with Prague, Inter is considered to have the force, class and quality of playing football superior to Prague.  They may be inferior at the race in Group F but before Prague it is completely confident, especially in the moment of determination.

On the other side, Prague is considered only the roadside team in Group F with all the big names of world football are Barca, Dortmund and Inter Milan.  The fact proves this when Prague is standing in the table with only 2 points after 4 matches.  But considering a positive aspect, the draw with big rivals like Inter Milan and Barcelona is also a significant success for this team.  The match against Inter Milan here for Prague is only procedural, so they will play with the most comfortable mentality.

The only time Inter Milan and Prague met in the past was the first leg in mid-September.  At that meeting, Inter only got a tie even though they were playing at home.  This match, Prague will be the welcoming team, but statistics show that in the two home games in the C1 Cup, Slavia Praha must have failed.  This time, when the target was over and the guest they welcomed was another difficult name, a similar scenario would likely happen again.  It is too difficult for Prague to surprise and even the most dreamer does not dare to put faith in Prague in the football contract.  

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