UCL: Real Madrid

In Group A Champions League this year, it is not difficult to see the superiority of PSG with the leading position with a distance of 5 points compared to the second team Real Madrid. Teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel have won all 4 matches and have won tickets soon. Therefore, the march to Spain will not pressure the rich French man. However, they will still surely aim for an honorable victory so playing properly and respecting the opponent is obvious.

In terms of form, PSG won 4 wins in the last 5 matches on all fronts. Away from home, the Princes Park team also won the last 4/5 trips. With high performance and inherent potential, PSG has a certain confidence when visiting Real Madrid's yard. The home team is second with 7 points. To be sure to have a ticket to continue, the White Vulture must win 3 full points in the next round.

Real Madrid is going through beautiful days when it gradually regained its form after a fairly early season. They won 6 and only lost 1 of the past 10 matches. Although he has not found the perfect frame and has not found the destruction style of the past, but can clearly see that since coach Zidane returned to lead, Real has played better. much. The attack has also regained the ability to score goals when continuously having a strong victory in recent years. 

With the inherent reputation and good performance of the current two teams, the battle between them became extremely desirable. In terms of history against, Real is the team that is a bit more dominant when it has 3 wins in the last 5 encounters with PSG. In the latest meeting at the European Club Champions League qualifier in late September, PSG defeated Real with a score of 3-0. 

PSG will fight for honor, and Real, in addition to honor, 3 points is also a condition for them to win tickets. Both teams will play with the strongest and most determined squad. Predict that the next 90 minutes will end with a tie. In addition, the Real Madrid attack is playing very well this time, they have scored 18 goals in the last 5 matches. But PSG's defense is extremely solid and not easy to represent Spain conceded many times. Therefore, predict the match tonight will take place with a scenario of scarcity of goals. Faint door is the optimal solution for players in this fainting rafter .  

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