UCL: Tottenham

Coach Mourinho had a good start to the new team.  Tottenham had just beat West Ham 3-2 in the 13th round of the English Premier League on the debut day of the new captain.  It can be seen that the Special One brought Tottenham a much more modern style than himself before, he directed the students to control the game instead of attaching too much importance to the defense.  And that change made a difference for Roosters.  They were able to find the joy of winning after a series of days in crisis with all draws and losses.  3 points can not say much when the West Ham opponent also faces many problems but the spirit is the most positive thing that Mourinho gives Tottenham at this time.

Continuing the excitement in the Premier League, Tottenham fans are looking forward to Mourinho's second victory at Tottenham and his first match in the new European Cup.  In Group B, Tottenham is second in group with 7 points, 5 points behind leaders Bayern Munich, and 4 points behind the team behind.  The opportunity of the Rooster to go ahead is still present and a victory over Olympiakos will put in their hands the ticket to the next round.

On the other side, Olympiakos has officially said goodbye to the Champions League this year.  After 4 rounds played, this team has won only 1 point, the performance is also very erratic.  In the last 6 matches in all competitions, Olympiakos won 2, drew 2 and lost 2, in which both defeats were in the Champions League.  Looking at Olympiakos in C1, one can clearly see their inferiority in level compared to the rest.  Not only poor performance, but Olympiakos is also a team with a very weak defense when conceding 10 times in the past 4 matches.

With a frail face with no goal in sight, Olympiakos could hardly avoid a disastrous ending against Tottenham.  Already surpassing the opponent in terms of qualifications and forces, Tottenham is currently very excited under the new coach, so it is completely possible to look forward to their performance in the next 90 minutes.  In the first leg, Olympiakos drew Tottenham with a score of 2-2 at home.  But it is difficult for them to reproduce that scenario now.  In football tonight, the belief in Tottenham is completely wise.  

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