UEL: Celtic FC

A disparity in favor of Celtic when they are in the hands of 10 points with the top of Group E Europa League this year.  In the domestic league, the team is also leading the Scottish league and has been too smooth with Europe for the past decade.  Receiving a Rennes without a chance to go is indeed a good opportunity for Celtic to consolidate the hierarchy before Cluj's pursuit.  The first will make the club much easier to breathe in the next rounds.  So just taking advantage of the home advantage this week, 3 points will only be a matter of time with Celtic.  As for the visitors from France, what they do after 4 matches is only 1 point at home to Celtic in September. Perhaps they should focus on the domestic league, where the club plays  edema and the prospect of nothing at the end of the season.  Running away from home will also be an extremely difficult challenge because they have no motivation for the Europa League.  And it will not be surprising if Rennes returned in empty-handed images after 90 minutes of official play.

Having certainly been out of the Europa League after the group stage closed, this is not something too sad for Rennes when this outcome is what was foreseen for them.  Moreover, the elimination from an arena where the French representative does not have the opportunity to compete as the Europa League will help this team to focus on the league.  The Asian ratio is still maintained at the current level of 0: 1/2, also showing the bookmaker's underestimation of the ability of Rennes to survive in the first 45 minutes.

Football match full match Celtic vs Rennes
 On the other side of the pitch, Celtic probably did not pay much attention to fight for 3 more points.  Whether or not there is a victory at the reception of Rennes, this team will not be affected in the spirit, or the current rankings.  On the other hand, keeping the strongest force for the domestic front, namely the Scottish League, is a top priority for them.

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